• Tools: Arduino, Foursquare API, 3D printer

Result of 24-hour hackathon: a windowfront light that turns on when a deal it's venue has an active deal on foursquare. This was an attempt to harness foursquare's high recognition to address it's low user base. Similar to a Visa/Amex sticker which let's customers know those transactions are available inside, the light augments that functionality by notifying users of the availability of special/flash deals: providing value to existing foursquare users who may have turned off notifications (hence the title: outOfBounds) as well as potentialy enrolling new users.

My role included taking the foursquare branding and producing a 3d "watertight" model which was able to be 3D printed (using available Makerbots). I also coded an Arduino solution which made access to foursquare's API in order to pull down venue-specific information.