• Client: rootoftwo
  • Date: 2012
  • Tools: Sublime Text 2, Arduino IDE
  • Materials: Aerobic balance balls, powermesh skin, LEDs, multiplexers, acrylic
Project Page

Consulting done for rootoftwo. I came up with a way to translate accelerometer readings into linear acceleration down a row of LEDs. Each row consisted of 8 modules, each module had 4 red and 4 yellow LEDs with binary (no PWM) control. Fading was accomplished through multiplexing LEDs on and off, using the change in accelerometer readings as the driver for how fast or slow light was transferred to its neighbor.

artist blurb:

menotme is a luminous, playful, responsive form activated by squeezing which causes it to purr, giggle, and burp and is designed to provoke public affection as a defense against post-industrial anxiety. menotme is an urban comfort object; part street toy, part environment. For Dlectricity, rootoftwo + daub have created menotme to inspire new types of social behavior, interaction and play. Participation is essential. The more you interact with it, the more it performs. Organic in form and feel, menotme creates a comfy place to dawdle during the festival where informal social exchanges and a good cuddle with the work are encouraged. rootoftwo + daub are interested in transforming the urban environment in ways that increase socialization and pleasure.

Description of role:

"Developed and executed a code solution that responded to the required behavior of the custom hardware system and provided expertise to identify and translate system requirements into software design. Collaborated with the Project Manager to write, test, debug, and maintain the software solution."