Detroit Youth Hostel

  • Date: Spring 2011
  • Tools: Rhino3D+Grasshopper, CNC waterjet cutter
  • Date: 2"x[6",10"], 3/16" steel

6 week design/build project with 8 other students to build a bike shed and small stage for summer concert/bbqs for the Detroit Youth Hostel. Teams of 2 made proposals and my partner (Jiayi Hong) and I's proposal had a strong influence on the final design.

We proposed an innovative way to get more than the target number of bikes into the shed, while at the same time maximizing the space available for performances. The course was "DigiFab" (meant to utilize the robust facilities of TCAUP: 3/5 axis CNC routers, 7-axis robots and waterjet cutters) and part of the task was to locate the areas where we could use this technology while staying under budget.

I came up with a plan which allowed us to waterjet cut steel gusset plates, which allowed all of our framing members to be simple cuts, even where multiple members met. Additionally, I modeled the building parametrically in Grasshopper so that as different groups made changes to specific details I could update the model and have the cut sheets (for fabrication) be updated on the fly.