About Me


I love problems, taking them apart, understanding what they are constituted of, and figuring out a vector through the knot that unties it. From a self-taught understanding of photography I moved to a formal architecture education and further developed my spatial thinking. During those studies I also began programming and working with Arduinos. I became interested in responsive systems for their synaesthetic potential: to take any senseable phenomena (or information!) and translate it into any other form. Although I deeply enjoy the geometric and spatial qualities of architecture, I am excited by the possibilities of reactive environments and what they entail for the occupation and use of space.


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Architect / (ural designer)

Rigorous design methodology grounded in spatial experience and narrative.

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Programmer / Information Architect?

Hoping to skip OOP and move straight to functional paradigm.

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Photographer / from fixer to Lightroom

Still enjoy the deductive/analytical mode of spatial inquiry photography encourages.

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All-in-one / Wildcard, glue

More than the sum of its parts.